Goosfest 2017

The Old Watch-maker’s Studio. Oils on canvas

I got the chance to show some of the large mixed media on paper things at Goosfest (the name coming from the words ‘Goos’ meaning God’s and Fest meaning ‘tree’ – God’s tree – because of an ancient tree in the centre of the village, I learned).

They work well unframed and in great spaces such as this old barn with brick walls and large wooden beams. Also displayed was the oils on canvas painting I’ve titled ‘The Old Watch-maker’s Studio’, which depicts another kind of old, beamed building.

Goosfest 2017

Goosfest 2017


Custer studies, and other

Cinema, life seen through a screen – the silver screen, computer screen etc. Fragments of imagery picked up from the memory and physically, via magazine clippings or film stills. These things must have influenced the memories and perceptions of people brought up in the ‘modern age’. It has been one of the inspirations for Davies’s work – sometimes a primary source, and sometimes being denied as ‘real’, relegated to sub-standard. Sometimes revered because of its state of being alternative to ‘reality’ and because of its intriguing quality that questions illusion and ‘seeing’ the world.

In another sense, it is irrelevent that cinema is used as the generating of some of the imagery. ‘Figures in action’ could be a phrase used to describe some aspects of imagery found within paintings that are primarily about dynamic, somewhat apocalyptic landscapes or environments.

Mountain Memory

These ‘environments’ are depicting places that exist only partially in the real world. They are mostly depicting something from within our (or at least his) psyche(s) – searching for something ancient, buried, amongst a plethora of modern influences.


‘(The larger works demonstrate) a refreshing talent and immediacy…
a strange, edgy contrast between Turner and popular culture’

Terry Duffy, writing for Art In Liverpool

The painting 'Off The Tracks' in the Spotlight Gallery at The Dean Clough in Halifax, U.K



Mr Lever perusing the painting ‘Diana’s Diorama’ at my display in The old Vicarage in Port Sunlight




Mark Devereaux Associates accredited, Stuntman Interruption long view

Mark Devereaux Associates accredited, Stuntman Interruption Mark Devereaux Associates accredited, The Ally Mark Devereaux Associates accredited, Untitled with Ferrari close up






‘Looking At The Reflection Of Reality’, exhibition by Mark Devereaux at Castlefield New Spaces, Manchester, December 2014. All photographs accredited to Mark Devereaux.





During Liverpool Biennal 2008, Albert Dock.

Exhibition: ‘Vital Energy’






‘Moving Air’, Solo exhibition Blackthorn Gallery, Birkenhead.

This was an exhibition of paintings as visual equivalents to specific pieces of music – ranging from Debussy to Led Zeppelin to Allan Holdsworth, at The Blackthorn Galleries in Birkenhead, November 1998. During the exhibition the recordings were played within the gallery.

Most of the work was either sold or donated or given as a gift, though a few pieces remain, and the influence of music still has a certain presence within my current work.
Moving Air


Novas, Contemporary Urban centre, curated by Terry Duffy,
Liverpool 2008.

Roadtrip & The Mystère Woman

Roadtrip & The Mystère Woman


Liverpool Artists Network exhibition during Liverpool Biennal and Capital of Culture year, 2008, at Novas Contemporary Urban centre. Curated by Terry Duffy.

More works on canvas

The Hills Have Been Missing Me. Acrylics and Oils on canvas.
78cm’s by 135cm’s

Stuntman Interruption
oil on canvas, 98cm’s by 145cm’s.
unframed, Price £600

Stewart Granger near a copse of Trees
oil on canvas, 50.5cm’s by 97cm’s,
unframed, Price £700

Scar of the valley
oil on canvas

Blue Rivers Overlap
oil on canvas, 50cm’s by 50cm’s by4cm’s deep.

Interlopes, acrylic on board, 61cm’s by 122cm’s

Forages, acrylic on board, 61cm’s by 94cm’s.

Forages, acrylic on board, 61cm’s by 94cm’s.

Forest photoshoot


Black Diamond Speed In Blue, 56cm’s by 104cm’s, Oil on board