Mythic Spaces

By ‘Mythic’ I am referring to a suggestion of creation myth that I identify with in connection with these landscape-esque paintings. They come initially from a desire to express something that is experienced both in ‘awe-inspiring’ or dramatic landscapes as well as within myself – to do with imagery that might come from the psyche.

The paintings focus on the feeling of being on the edge of something – perhaps the ending or beginning of the world or creation, giving a sense of awe or expectation, as well as of expression of a world that is in a perpetual state of becoming, and imbued with a vital energy.

Mythic Space 3,
August, 2019

They are also very much about an exploration in the mark-making process, as well as the kinds of shapes and symbols that sometimes re-occur. Within the latter can be found disks (perhaps plates of information?), waves etc.

Chao-Creation painting (Wasp Mountain),
Acrylic and inks on paper
Approx. 55cm’s by 75cm’s
Mountain Memory
Separations. Mixed media on paper
(Not available)
Swamp Parade. SOLD


A variation, or related series of work, looks more at animal and human forms within spaces – the forms merging together and moving, swirling around the picture surface as in a dance.

Dynamic movement painting Battle chaos painting, Buffalo head-on. 2018
Dynamic movement painting Battle chaos painting, Thugs gang fight. 2018
Dynamic movement painting, Buffalo
Dynamic movement painting Battle chaos painting, Zulu
Riot 1. oil on canvas. 2018
Custer Battle Study 1,
Oil on Paper. 20 by 20cm’s
Custer Battle, Study 2, Oil on paper
20 by 20cm’s