Land Art

I discovered ‘The Roaches’ – craggy hills at the start of the Peak District, half an hour/an hours bus journey away from Stoke. This area strengthened my interest in landscape and I gravitated towards a kind of work that was less in the traditional European painterly school of art and more in the outdoor pursuits side of things via what you could call ‘Land Art’…

Screen, deep woods, dibbinsdale

Screen, Deep woods 2

Quarry Painting in-situ, nr. appleby, Cumbria

Some inverting going on here. A canvas painting made in the studio, then removed from its stretcher and ‘exhibited’ in a natural ‘gallery’. There is also something ‘Christo-esque’ going on here, as well.


Henge In The Roaches



Ripping and gouging sculpture

Bracken tree, Roaches

I stayed up in The Roaches in snow, wind and sun, and had the desire to create something that was physically demanding. It was a strange area – creepy, almost, in its quiet atmosphere. There was an abondoned old house on the higher area, within a bleak expanse of heather. I was told there were Wallabies living wild – the result of a zoo that had been abandoned decades earlier and had included yaks and Llamas. I wasn’t expecting to see any (Wallabies), but I did – on two occasions. Now I hear that they have finally died out.

Observed markings, Roaches farm