The electrical meter cupboard in a converted garage, transformed into a fish tank

This page shows murals painted directly onto walls and hoardings and various surfaces and locations around the U.K

Bachae/ Parade, Concept design

Of course, any conceivable kind of image can potentially be painted onto almost any kind of surface, and this suggests vast and exciting possibilities…. the ‘power’ lies with the client, or property owner, or community, whose wall is to be ‘mural-ised’, and with the ideas of the artist… or perhaps the strongest possibilities lie in the more surreptitious paintings on public walls by ‘street artists’… perhaps the more interesting art or collaborations will lie in some combination of the ‘street artist’ and the ‘studio artist’…?

St Catherine’s Hospital Montage, The full mural Includes Birkenhead market, German U-Boat, Football clubs, Cathedrals etc.

Horse race mural, near Malvern.

Oranges, détail of Orangerie mural, Wirral



Animated Archer, sketch as mural concept



re-instated mural, Side of the pacific pub, Bootle.





Private house, Worcester







Section from archway mural in the Orangerie of Wirral home. Oils and textured masonry paints.

Blackpool Promenade. Masonry and spray paints.

Whale, Blackpool

large canvas apaches ride trompe l’oeil